PhD defense: Development of CMS-based Web-Applications

5 Mar

Last week my PhD Jurriaan Souer received his doctorate on his research on the Development of CMS-based Web-Applications which is in the field of Web Information Systems. In short his research involves the application of content management principles in Web Engineering processes. Web engineering is a well-established and broad area of research regarding topics concerning technologies, methodologies, tools, and techniques used to develop and maintain web-based applications. The distinguishing focus of this research is the emphasis on Content Management System as the main development platform. It demonstrates that a CMS provides a solid foundation for web engineering that copes with the most identified web engineering challenges. Moreover, it elaborates on Content Management System specific challenges, provides a new Web Engineering method, and shows how a model-driven approach and a product family engineering approach can be applied in the context of Content Management System-based Web Engineering. A link to the full thesis can be found here (but also available upon request from me).

Before Jurriaan’s defense we organized a symposium with different international speakers on Web Information Systems. The topics of the presentations included:

1. “The evolution of content on the Web” – Martijn van Berkum, CTO&  Founder GX Software, The Netherlands
2. “Development of Web-based Information Systems: the Design Perspective” – Prof.dr. Olga De Troyer, Free University Brussels, Belgium
3. “Model-driven Evolution of Web Applications” – Prof.dr. Gerti Kappel, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
4. “A Model-driven Web Engineering Method for developing Web 2.0 Applications” – Prof. Oscar Pastor López, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Abstracts of the presentations and bios of the speakers can be found on the symposium website.

I am looking back at a successful PhD project and I wish Jurriaan luck in his new function as Director of GX in the United States.

Picture: Complete committee after the defense of Jurriaan in the Academic Hall of Utrecht University (I am in the middle at the back).

Complete committee after defense


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  1. rubayet May 3, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    what a nice articulation! it’s very helpful for web application which am i looking.

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