Social Media and KM lecture in Virtual World

23 Oct

Every year I give students an experience in Virtual Worlds by giving one of my lectures in the Virtual World Second Life (see pictures). Is Second Life not dead you might think? Sure the huge hype is already over years ago but the team of Linden Labs is still developing the world and also the Viewers that you need to operate in Second Life are getting better. The applications of Virtual Worlds are plentiful and are also known under the name of Serious Games. In my KM course we use it to do a lecture on the SL island of the Stockholm School of Economics.  Besides my lecture there is also a guest lecture by Robin Teigland from Stockholm School of Economics who is researching Virtual Worlds, Entrepreneurship and Networks.

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In my lecture I talk about Social Media in general, like what it is and what the impact is on people and business. But special attention is paid to the impact of Social Media on Knowledge Management. And it is striking that we still know so less of this impact. Central in the lecture is the framework that Thomas Bebensee, Marco Spruit and myself published. It is based on Binney’s KM Spectrum and shows which Social Media applications support which types of KM strategies within organizations.  The framework is shown in the figure below but please also consult our article for more information. However, this is just scratching the surface and there is much more that we need to know about the relation between Social Media and KM.


– Slides of the lectures can be found on SlideShare on the profile page of Robin and myself.
– von Krogh, G. (2012). How does social software change knowledge management? Toward a strategic research agenda. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 21(2), 154–164.
– Bebensee, T., Helms, R., Spruit, M. (2011). Exploring Web 2.0 Applications as a Mean of Bolstering up Knowledge Management. Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, 9(1), pp. 1-9.
Binney, D. (2001). The knowledge management spectrum –understanding the KM landscape. Journal of Knowledge Management,5(1), 33-42.


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