Nominated for AIS Council

17 Apr

Recently I have been asked to candidate myself as the Region 2 Representative in the Council of the Association of Information Systems (AIS). The association is the premier professional association for individuals and organizations who lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide. Being an AIS member for many years I am currenly involved in the AIS as the Organizing Chair for ECIS2013, which is an AIS affiliated conference, and as moderator of the @AISconnect Twitter account. I would really appreciate your vote and below you can find my plans for when I am elected and a biography.


My plans for Region 2

If elected as the region 2 representative of the AIS, my overarching goal is to strengthen the region 2 IS community. Before outlining my plans, I acknowledge the outstanding work of the current region 2 representative, Dr Nancy Pouloudi. Nancy has succeeded in bringing ECIS and AIS closer together for the organization of ECIS. Her efforts have also led to the formation of new local AIS chapters in region 2. My plans below build on Nancy’s work.

I strongly believe that local AIS chapters are the hubs of a strong and healthy IS community in region 2. I would like to establish connections between local AIS chapters in region 2, particularly for regions currently underrepresented. Establishing such connections starts with developing an awareness of other local chapters’ existence, knowledge and experience. I will build initial awareness and connections which will lead to new research collaborations and knowledge exchange. I also propose a program of exchange in region 2. Academic staff and student exchange will motivate research collaboration and broaden knowledge among other important benefits. Many universities already have grants/scholarships to support such exchange. Lastly, the future of the IS academic community relies on graduate student success. If elected, I will initiate the formation of student chapters and connect them through activities such as case competitions and summer schools.

We already have a great IS academic community. I am asking for your support and vote to take it to the next level!


Dr. Remko Helms is an assistant professor in the Organization & Information group in the Department of Information and Computing Science at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He holds an MSc (cum laude in Management Science and Industrial Engineering) and a PhD (Information Systems) from Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Currently he is the organizing chair for ECIS 2013.
Helms has worked in industry and academia for over fifteen years. In industry he consulted to a wide range of clients in different industries on business process improvement and product lifecycle management systems. Since entering academia he has taught and researched IS, focusing on social media, knowledge management and virtual customer environments. His interests in research methods have centered on the use of qualitative approaches with social network and content analysis techniques.
Helms has published extensively in major IS conferences, journals and books. He has served on program committees for key IS and knowledge management conferences. He has reviewed extensively for major IS conferences such as ECIS, PACIS, HICSS and ICIS and IS journals such as IJIM and JAIS. Enjoying research collaboration, Helms has been a visiting researcher to universities such as the University of Melbourne, Australia and the University of Victoria, Canada.
Helms greatly enjoys supporting the global IS academic community through cutting edge initiatives, with prior roles including department editor for AIS for social media (@AISconnect) and founding member of the International Association of Knowledge Management.


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  1. FAHD June 1, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    Sounds Impressive !!

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