New book: Social Knowledge Management in Action

6 Oct

Currently I am preparing a new (edited) book on Social Knowledge Management in Action together with Dr Jocelyn Cranefield (Victoria University of Wellington) and Dr Jurriaan van Reijsen (formerly Utrecht University). This book aims to provide an overview of new and innovative applications of social media for knowledge management and to report on the facilitators of success, as well as the challenges, risks and issues that need to be tackled in applying social media in organizational contexts.

Knowledge management (KM) is a well-known concept and concerns managing the knowledge life cycle consisting of creating, storing, sharing and applying knowledge in an organizational context. Several types of knowledge systems, for example knowledge repositories, expert systems and yellow pages, have been introduced over the years, to support knowledge management initiatives at organizations, with various success rates. Many of these knowledge systems aimed to codify knowledge in the organization, yet relatively few aimed to support the socialization approach to knowledge management.

Social media have the potential to help redress this imbalance by supporting both the codification and socialization approach towards knowledge management. A key characteristic of social media is that content is generated, shared and combined by the users through social means. Effective use of social media therefore has the potential to support the creation of new knowledge while building a shared awareness of the knowledge and expertise within the organization, in turn facilitating the development of transactive memory and social capital. At the same time, the content and interaction history is digitally captured by social media applications, offering organizations the opportunity to apply knowledge mining techniques. Furthermore, social media may help strengthen the absorptive capacity of the organization through collaboration that crosses departmental, divisional and/or  organizational boundaries.

Many organizations have recognized the potential of social media, using it for knowledge management applications. For example, wikis are being used to collect organizational knowledge and social networking tools are being used to support the exchange of ideas and innovation. This book should provide an overview of work in the area of Social Media for Knowledge Management to inspire both practitioners and academics.

The full call for proposals can be found here. The most important deadlines for contributing to the book are shown below:

October 15, 2014: Submission of abstracts (500 words)
October 22, 2014: Invitation to submit full paper
January 5, 2015: Submission of full chapter
February 15, 2015: Review notification
March 15, 2015: Submission of revised paper
April 11, 2015: Final notification of acceptance

For any question do not hesitate to contact me.


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