Social Media Analytics symposium

22 Nov

Saturday November 21, 2015, study association TouW of Open University organized their yearly symposium for Information and Computing Science students. Forty two students attended the symposium on Social Media Analytics and it was my pleasure to do the introduction. Social Media Analytics is the application of data analytics, or data science if you wish, in the field of social media. Users of social media generate so much data (see infographic ‘What happens in an Internet minute‘) that it becomes an interesting source for researchers to research several sociological and behavioral phenomena on a scale that was not know before. But also companies have a growing interest in what social media can learn them about their company image and brand reputation for example. In my introduction I discussed several commercial and non-commercial examples (e.g. Australian Floods). The next presenter, Longhow Lam from SAS, went into more detail how analytic techniques (e.g. text mining and neural networks) can be applied to fun as well as serious business cases. Finally, my OU colleague Hugo Jonker ended the symposium with a presentation on the popularity scores of researches: h-index and number of citations. He discussed different ways of how researchers have tried to ‘game’ this score in the past.An interesting insight in the use of performance indicators in science and integrity of researchers. The symposium ended with some drinks and a buffet, which were a good opportunity to catch up with students that we normally only meet online given our focus on distance education.

My slides of the symposium can be downloaded here.

Slides of the SAS presentation can be downloaded here.


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