New book: Social Knowledge Management in Action

10 Apr

After collaborating for a long time with Jocelyn Cranefield (Victoria University of Wellington) and Jurrian van Reijsen (my former PhD at Utrecht University). Our edited book titled: Social Knowledge Management in Action is finally published by Springer: It is part of the Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning series, which is edited by the International Association for Knowledge Management (IAKM).

Knowledge Management became very popular in the 1990s but companies slowly lost their interest in Knowledge Management due to failed projects and a shift in attention towards new trends. But the rise of social media in the last 10 years, opened new avenues for knowledge management initiatives since these platforms have knowledge sharing in their DNA. Furthermore, knowledge sharing taking place on these platforms leave digital traces that can be analysed to further improve knowledge sharing practices. The book presents 8 chapters in which the application of social media for knowledge management are explored. It is meant to inspire both practitioners and researchers by showing current applications and suggesting new directions for research.

Of course there are more examples of social media and knowledge management then we could cover in the book. If you have inspiring examples we are happy to hear about them so that we can integrate them in our teaching on this subject. Just place a comment on this web page or send us an e-mail and perhaps this will be start for a second volume!


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