ECIS citation style Mendeley

Updated November 23, 2015: Web pages citations were incomplete, issue fixed.
Updated November 25, 2015: Comma use preceding ‘and’ is now removed for in text citations. Citations also sorted on year rather than name of first author.

Using Mendeley (or Zotero or Papers) and struggling to get the citations for your ECIS/AMCIS/PACIS/ICIS submission in the right formatting?

You can download the citation style (CSL-file) that I created from my public folder on DropBox.

Here you can find where you should put the CSL-file. Once you copied the file there you need to restart Mendeley desktop and Word.

After adding you should be able to select the ECIS citations style from Mendeley-cite-o-matic area on the References tab in Word (if you established the Word integration of course).

Citations are of course dependent on the citation information you collected in your local library in Mendeley Desktop. Using the CSL file alone is therefore no guarantee for success!

Sometimes you get annoying URLs and Date Accessed entries in your citations. You can avoid those by specifying they should be shown for Webpages only. You can find this option when you go to View -> Citation styles -> More styles in Mendeley desktop.

For further information check the Mendeley support pages or directly go to the tutorials and videos.

More information on the CSL format can be found here.

Disclaimer: Downloading and using the CSL file is of course at your own risk!

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