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Networks as the new paradigm

31 May

Recently I came across this nice video on the Power of Networks, suggesting there is a paradigm in our thinking and that networks are the key to model and understand complexity in real life. While studying networks myself already for some time I already knew that of course 😉 But it is still nice to see how they build the argument for that using many different real-life examples. It also shows very well that the traditional taxonomy (tree structure) is often not well equipped to model reality. Just imagine your folder structure, at some point you want to put a file in two different folders (e.g. a publication in your publications folder or the project folder where all the research material is). Still many people think in tree like structures as you can see in the video while our brain is not a taxonomy at all. Anyway, enjoy watching the video.

If you are not interested in networks it is still a nice video because the story unfolds while the presenter is drawing the story at the same time.

Thanks to @LeonieHoutman for sharing the link on Twitter.


Comprehend: site on Knowledge Network Analysis

13 Apr is a website by my PhD, Jurriaan van Reijsen, on our research on Knowledge Network Analysis. Besides more info on the research you can also find our Publications on the topic there. Soon Jurriaan will release a nice promotion video in which he explains KNA research.