My main research interest concerns Knowledge Management & Networks. Knowledge Management deals with how organizations manage their knowledge processes to leverage their knowledge assets in order to gain a competitive advantage. Within this field I specialize in Intra- and Inter-organizational Knowledge Sharing Networks, which are also known as communities of interest or networks of practice, and deal with how people connect to share knowledge and experiences and hence support learning of individuals as well as the organization. These networks can be offline, meaning that people meet face-to-face, and online where people use communication and collaboration platforms to connect including social media platforms such as Twitter and Yammer. My interests concerns how these networks evolve, how technology can support these networks and what structural patterns characterize result in effective and efficient knowledge sharing. The label that I use for my research is Knowledge Network Analysis, but a look at my Publications will show that my research is not limited to this only.

Also check the page of my PhD, Jurriaan van Reijsen, on our research on Knowledge Network Analysis:

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