Knowledge Network Analysis

Knowledge Network Analysis (KNA) is the application of Social Network Analysis (SNA) in the field of Knowledge Management to study structural aspects of knowledge sharing networks. The goal of this research is to determine what structural characteristics influence the knowledge sharing efficiency and effectiveness in networks. A practical result from this research is the KNA method which describes how to assess knowledge networks and which indicators to use to detect potential bottlenecks in knowledge sharing. This method can be used as part of a Knowledge Audit in which the Knowledge Management processes of an organization are assessed. Research in this field is conducted with master students and a PhD (Jurriaan van Reijsen).

We are offering organizations a Knowledge Network Analysis Survey: a powerful tool to visualize knowledge sharing in your organization. We claim that knowledge flows are hard to visualize. At the same time, we are very dependent on effective knowledge processes as they will directly impact the success of our projects and business outcome. We offer you a report on a knowledge network in your organization. In turn, your participation provides us with valuable research data.

Please view our fully narrated introduction video. In 10 minutes (or 1 cup of coffee) you will learn what Knowledge Network Analysis is, why it is such a powerful tool and how it can be applied in your organization.

Interested? E-mail us at or

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