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ICSE 2013 paper – The Role of Domain Knowledge and Cross-Functional Communication in Socio-Technical Coordination

29 Mar

Last year I spent 3 months at University of Victoria at Vancouver Island, visiting associate professor Daniele Damian. Besides a very pleasant stay it also has been a fruitful collaboration that resulted in a paper that has been accepted at the prestigious International Conference on Software Engineering:

Damian, D, Helms, R.W., Marczak, S., Kwan, I., Koelewijn, B. (2013). The Role of Domain Knowledge and Hierarchical Control Structures in Socio-technical Coordination. Proceedings of 35th Interational Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2013), May 22-24, San Francisco, USA.

A nice overview of the paper can be found on the blog of Irwin Kwan, one of the co-authors of the paper and currently working at Oregon State University, USA. The collaboration with Daniela Damian is ongoing and shortly after I left Victoria last year one of my students, Robin van de Akker, visited her group. In July 2013 we receive Daniela Damian for a visit at Utrecht University with guest lectures on our paper and on how to publish on ICSE.

If you like outdoors, you definitely should visit Vancouver Island. If you are a student of Utrecht University you can e-mail for opportunities to go there for a project.