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Knowledge Perspectives on Dynamic Capability

12 Jan

Recently the manuscript of my PhD student Jurriaan van Reijsen has been approved. The title of the manuscript is: Knowledge Perspectives on Dynamic Capability. Dynamic capability is about the capability of organizations to adapt to their environment and to stay competitive. The ability to learn, and hence knowledge processes, play a pivotal role in this capability. In his thesis Jurriaan presents the three different knowledge perspectives that he used to study Dynamic Capability, namely:

1) the adoption of knowledge management policies
2) the availability of social capital
3) the structure of knowledge networks in organization

Jurriaan and I published several papers on these topics and are part of his thesis that he will publicly defend on March 19 from 16.15-17.00 hrs. A summary of his thesis (in Dutch and English) is available on Jurriaan’s blog.

Before the public defense on March 19, 2014, there will be a symposium to celebrate Jurriaan’s dissertation and guest speakers on this event include Dr. Robin Teigland (Stockholm School of Economic, Sweden), Prof. Marleen Huysman (Free University, Amsterdam) and Arjan van Unnik (former Global Head KM at Royal Dutch Shell). For more information and registration: http://bit.ly/1aIS7W7.

I enjoyed exploring Knowledge Management, Knowledge Network Analysis and Dynamic Capability with Jurriaan. Currently, there are already plans for follow up publications so it does not stop here.


ICSE 2013 paper – The Role of Domain Knowledge and Cross-Functional Communication in Socio-Technical Coordination

29 Mar

Last year I spent 3 months at University of Victoria at Vancouver Island, visiting associate professor Daniele Damian. Besides a very pleasant stay it also has been a fruitful collaboration that resulted in a paper that has been accepted at the prestigious International Conference on Software Engineering:

Damian, D, Helms, R.W., Marczak, S., Kwan, I., Koelewijn, B. (2013). The Role of Domain Knowledge and Hierarchical Control Structures in Socio-technical Coordination. Proceedings of 35th Interational Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2013), May 22-24, San Francisco, USA.

A nice overview of the paper can be found on the blog of Irwin Kwan, one of the co-authors of the paper and currently working at Oregon State University, USA. The collaboration with Daniela Damian is ongoing and shortly after I left Victoria last year one of my students, Robin van de Akker, visited her group. In July 2013 we receive Daniela Damian for a visit at Utrecht University with guest lectures on our paper and on how to publish on ICSE.

If you like outdoors, you definitely should visit Vancouver Island. If you are a student of Utrecht University you can e-mail for opportunities to go there for a project.